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Exemplars pioneered the field of standards-based performance tasks to improve assessment and instruction.

Founded in 1993, Exemplars began by assisting educators using K–8 mathematics problems and assessments that met NCTM Standards. Today, Exemplars provides performance tasks, rubrics, and student anchor papers for schools and districts in MathScience, and Writing.

Our performance material engages students and promotes reasoning, communication, and higher-order thinking. Performance tasks are classroom-tested and may be used for assessment, instruction, and professional development.

Exemplars supplemental resources are research-based and designed to meet state, national, and Common Core standards. Our materials are used by educators in 50 states and 33 countries.

Our Team

Our editors and task writers are an experienced group of education professionals. Many of them also provide professional development for Exemplars.

Jay Meadows Portrait

Jay Meadows

Math, Middle Grades

In addition to his role as Chief Executive Officer, Jay is one of Exemplars primary task writers and professional development consultants for the middle level in mathematics and science.

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We are pleased to announce that ReContext Data Solutions, LLC, an independent, outside research organization, has determined that Exemplars performance material in mathematics is “evidence-based” and meets ESSA’s Tier 3 and Tier 4 standards.

Their findings were definitive: In the course of using Exemplars consistently in the classroom, students that started below average in New York City made a significant jump in proficiency.

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Calling All Task Writers

Do you write DOK3 level problem-solving math tasks for grades K–12 or inquiry-based science investigations for grades K–8? Want to see if your tasks meet the Exemplars standard? If they do, we'll pay you for your work!

For more information on submitting your task for review, please contact megan@exemplars.com.


  • What is Exemplars?

    Exemplars publishes hands-on, performance-based assessment and instruction material that focuses on authentic learning in the areas of MathScience, and Writing. Our rich performance material engages students and promotes reasoning, communication, and higher-order thinking. Exemplars provides performance tasks, rubrics, and student anchor papers for schools and districts. 

  • How and when was Exemplars started?

    Exemplars was started in 1993 to help schools and districts begin the work of standards-based performance assessment by publishing classroom-tested performance tasks with rubrics and annotated student anchor papers.

  • What are rubrics and student anchor papers?

    Exemplars material includes rubrics and student anchor papers (work samples). Our assessment rubrics provide teachers with a clear set of guidelines for assessing student work and reveal areas that need improvement, meet the standard, or exceed expectations. Student rubrics provide learners with a concrete understanding of what works meets today's standards and why. Student anchor papers are task-specific and identify distinctions to look for when assessing students. These can also be used to promote student self- and peer-assessment.

  • What is Exemplars differentiated math?

    Exemplars Pre K–8 math performance tasks are accompanied by a more accessible and more challenging version of the problem. Different levels of the same task may be used with different level math classes, or more accessible versions of the tasks can be used as instructional pieces and the original and more challenging versions as assessment pieces. Click to view a sample.

  • Have your materials been piloted in the classroom?

    Exemplars material is piloted in the classroom by teachers.

  • What happens if we have never used performance assessment materials?

    Exemplars has designed a robust Resource section on our web site to help teachers and school leaders begin the implementation process. 

    Additionally, our online products include a "Tools for Success" section for schools to get started.

    Exemplars also offers professional development to schools and districts. Our workshops are designed to provide teachers with a firm foundation in using performance-based assessment and instruction. Each workshop is uniquely structured to best meet your individual needs and objectives.

  • Is Exemplars ESSA qualified?

    An independent, outside research organization has determined that Exemplars materials and pedagogy is "evidence-based" and meets ESSA standards. 

    Our math material qualifies for Tiers 3 and 4, while our science and writing material qualifies for Tier 4. 

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  • How does Exemplars fit with Title I math programs?

    Please click here to learn how Exemplars differentiated math supports Title I programs.