K–8 Writing

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Exemplars performance material provides teachers and administrators a way of teaching and assessing writing and communication skills.

Our material is classroom tested and may be used for assessment, instruction, and professional development. Standards-based rubrics and student anchor papers are integral components.

Alignments are available for state and national standards.


Exemplars Offers:

  • Classroom-tested performance tasks for grades K–4 and 5–8
  • Rubrics that provide clear guidelines for assessing student work and providing meaningful feedback
  • Annotated student anchor papers at the performance levels of the Exemplars rubric
  • Rich, teaching notes to guide instruction and assessment
  • Alignments to national, state, Common Core, and provincial standards

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What Educators Are Saying

  • This has been a great resource with the introduction of Common Core Math and ELA.

    A. Morrison, Teacher, OH

    I’ve yet to find any other resource that compares to Exemplars.

    D. Reynolds, Curriculum Specialist