Sample Performance Tasks

Your students’ success can begin today! Explore sample performance tasks including math tasks that build problem-solving skills, science tasks that instill the skills of inquiry, and writing tasks that build communication skills. These samples are just a few of the hundreds of tasks in every Exemplars product.

How Exemplars Math Delivers

Our authentic problem-solving tasks encourage students to meet the criteria of our Standards-Based Math Rubric, based on the NCTM Process Standards. To meet the Exemplars standard, students must do more than find the correct answer. They must also communicate to justify their thinking and reasoning, use formal math language, create representations to show conceptual understanding, and make math connections.

Using our performance tasks over time in concert with our rubric expectations, students develop solutions that look like this:

exemplars rubric
  • grade 1 student work sample
    Grade 1 student work sample. The typed text represents teacher scribing, which helps capture a student's thinking. This student meets the Exemplars standard.
  • grade 3 student work sample
    Grade 3 student work sample. This student uses a strategy of a labeled number line and clear math reasoning to develop justification for their solution. This student meets the Exemplars standard.
  • grade 5 student work sample
    Grade 5 student work sample. This student justifies their solution with two different representations and clear mathematical reasoning. This student meets the Exemplars standard.

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