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Long Island, NY

Oceanside School District

  • Population Density: Suburban*
  • Size: 2,500 K–5 Enrollment
  • Math Proficiency: 70%*
  • Free and Reduced Lunch: 13%

*Source Niche.com

Oceanside Logo

Oceanside School District is a public school district headquartered in Oceanside, New York. Integrating a program that emphasized higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills to meet the needs of newly adopted learning standards was a priority for the District.

District leaders recognized the need to provide a platform that was usable across all grade levels and authentically embedded rigorous and challenging problem-solving tasks. After realizing a necessity for a differentiated resource, an adaptive program that encouraged multiple ways of thinking and learning became the preference for the district.

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The Bronx, NY

Concourse Village Elementary School

  • Population Density: Urban*
  • Size: 356 K–5 Enrollment
  • Math Proficiency: 82%*
  • Free and Reduced Lunch: 85%

*Source Niche.com

Concourse Village logo

Concourse Village Elementary School is a public K to 5th grade elementary school in the Bronx, New York with a total student enrollment of 356. Ensuring equitable student learning outcomes was the top priority at the school.

After realizing a need for a product that provides vertical standards alignment for teachers, a preference for a rubric-driven and professional development-based learning program arose.  Understanding that the school employed teachers with different levels of expertise, it was imperative to find a resource that would supply all teachers with a common language when defining characteristics of high-quality student work.

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Sioux Falls, SD

Eugene Field A+ Elementary School

  • Population Density: Suburban*
  • Size: 420 K–5 Enrollment*
  • Math Proficiency: 47%*
  • Free and Reduced Lunch: 33%

*Source Niche.com

Eugene Field Logo

Eugene Field A+ Elementary School has a mix of students from different socio-economic backgrounds, and is a part of the Sioux Falls School District in South Dakota. Ensuring academic growth by all students was the primary concern at this school. 

District leaders recognized the need to provide growth opportunities for ALL levels of learners - from students below grade level to students that need extension and enrichment with above grade-level content. After realizing a need for a resource where students at or above grade level would continue to grow, a preference for a rigorous, engaging, and student-driven learning program emerged.

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