Remote Learning With Exemplars Math

You’re still there for your students. As schools nationwide have shut down due to COVID-19, educators have stepped up, developing home learning programs with speed, and yet with great care.

How can you continue to engage your students with rich opportunities for learning that align with content that needs to be covered? You can share Exemplars problem-solving math tasks and support them online!

Below you will find a series of video tutorials we've designed to support teachers, students, and their parents.

Please be well and check back often We'll be adding more to this section in the coming weeks.  

Support For Teachers

Integrate Exemplars With Your LMS

Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial for uploading Exemplars tasks to your school’s Learning Management System (LMS) while respecting our copyright. 

Students may then access the tasks and complete them from home. To share their finished work with you, they may:

  • Upload their solutions onto your LMS
  • Take a picture of their work and email it to you
  • Explain their solution on a video chat, if applicable

We have created a digital version of the Exemplars assessment rubric for you to upload onto your LMS or to share directly with students. You may also share our student rubric.

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Share Exemplars Tasks With Your Students Using Kami

In this video, teachers will learn how to use Kami, a PDF editing and annotating app created specifically for schools, to assign Exemplars tasks to their students. They'll also learn how to engage students by launching tasks via video or voice, prepare a workspace for students to use and give feedback efficiently.

Kami can integrate with Google Classroom, Schoology and Canvas, and can also be used independently of an LMS.

During school shutdowns, teachers can request a free Kami account here to use through April. 

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Support For Students

Getting Started at Home

Are you a student working on Exemplars math tasks from home? 

This video tutorial is designed specifically for kids to help them get started with our problem-solving process. We hope you find it useful. 

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What Does A Strong Solution Look Like?

Upon completing an Exemplars task, what should a student’s final problem-solving solution look like? What should be included?

In this video, we will walk students through what they should be thinking about and what they should include to create strong math solutions.  

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Using Kami to Share Students' Solutions

In this video tutorial, students will learn how to use Kami, a PDF editing and annotating app created specifically for schools, to create a digital Exemplars task solution. They'll be able to record a video or voice memo, type their thoughts and draw representations. 

Kami can be used with Google Classroom, Schoology and Canvas. It can also be used independently of a Learning Management System (LMS).

During school shutdowns, teachers can request a free Kami account here to use through April. Students will then receive an invitation from their teacher to sign up.

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Additional Resources