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On-Demand Webinars

On-Demand Webinar:
How To Do Rich Tasks Remotely

How do you engage students fully when they’re learning remotely? And how do you activate numerous parts of the brain so they get the deepest benefit? 

We know that rich problem-solving tasks promote deep mathematical learning. So let us share what we’ve learned about how to use them effectively in a remote environment. 

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On-Demand Webinar:
How to Use 15 Technologies To Do Rich Tasks, Grades K-2

Join Exemplars expert, Robin Moore, to get practical tips on using an Exemplars performance task as the center point for engaging students in conceptual understanding, application, and procedural fluency.

This K-2 session will focus on understanding how free technologies can help teachers engage students as they work through the various stages of the problem-solving process using Exemplars Problem Solving Procedure.

Watch this on-demand webinar for tips and suggestions to use with your students >>

On-Demand Webinar:
How to Use 15 Technologies To Do Rich Tasks, Grades 3-5

In this 3-5 session, we'll take a journey through the problem-solving process using a variety of free technology tools to launch an Exemplars task, explore different strategies and representations, participate in rich discourse and collaboration, and provide feedback to students.

With a focus on introducing different technologies that can be used at each of these phases, teachers will develop the confidence to engage their students remotely.

Watch this on-demand webinar for tips and suggestions to use with your students >>

Video Tutorials

Exemplars Remote Lesson Ideas and Resources

Try our lesson plans, reusable slide decks, sample student responses, and interactive self-assessment tools with your school’s LMS as part of your in-person or remote instruction.

Read the full blog to learn more about our remote lesson ideas and resources.

New Features in the Exemplars Library

This video showcases some of the new features, including the integration of Google Classroom, Enagement Images and digital rubrics, that Exemplars has added to its online Library to help educators and students be successful in any learning environment this school year –– in-classroom, remote, and blended.

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Digital Manipulatives
Build Hands-On Understanding

Explore. Design. Create. That’s what students need to do to reach higher levels of learning. We’re excited to share a way to help them do it remotely. Our new partnership with Brainingcamp lets us offer our current subscribers access to their digital manipulatives through an extended free trial and special discounted rate.

Brainingcamp provides engaging digital tools that help make abstract concepts concrete for students. Watch this tutorial to see how these virtual manipulatives work in tandem with our tasks.

Learn more about Exemplars partnership with Brainingcamp on our blog >> 

Success Story
Exemplars and Remote Learning in Norwalk, CT

Jay Meadows, Exemplars CEO, speaks with Tina Henckel, Director of STEM Education, K–12 at Norwalk Public Schools about how her district is successfully using Exemplars tasks during this period of remote instruction to enrich math learning.

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Integrate Exemplars With Your LMS

Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial for uploading Exemplars tasks to your school’s Learning Management System (LMS) while respecting our copyright. 

Students may then access the tasks and complete them from home. To share their finished work with you, they may:

  • Upload their solutions onto your LMS
  • Take a picture of their work and email it to you
  • Explain their solution on a video chat, if applicable

We have created a digital version of the Exemplars assessment rubric for you to upload onto your LMS or to share directly with students. You may also share our student rubric.

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Share Exemplars Tasks With Your Students Using Kami

In this video, teachers will learn how to use Kami, a PDF editing and annotating app created specifically for schools, to assign Exemplars tasks to their students. They'll also learn how to engage students by launching tasks via video or voice, prepare a workspace for students to use and give feedback efficiently.

Kami can integrate with Google Classroom, Schoology and Canvas, and can also be used independently of an LMS.

During school shutdowns, teachers can request a free Kami account here to use through April. 

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Teaching Exemplars Remotely

This online lesson was created by Exemplars enthusiast, Marissa Schlup, from Sioux Falls, SD using the free social learning tool Flipgrid. Her 4th-graders started using Exemplars in February. 

Marissa's approach is just one of the many ways that teachers can support students in using Exemplars at home. A similar lesson could be posted to any LMS with corresponding directions for how you prefer your students to respond. 

Thank you, Ms. Schlup, for sharing this with us. You are truly an inspiration! 

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A Virtual Approach to Three Reads

The Three Reads Protocol is one way to do a close read of a complex math task. This strategy includes reading a math scenario three times with a different goal each time. 

This blog offers tips and suggestions for how to adapt this method to a virtual learning environment.

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Online Professional Development

Remote Math Workshops

Take your teachers’ strengths — and your students’ achievement — to a whole new level in mathematics with Exemplars online professional development.

Using the conference platform, Zoom, our consultants will help your teachers acquire new and innovative tools to strengthen math inquiry, encourage engagement, and help students achieve higher-order thinking and reasoning skills.

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