Exemplars Remote Lesson Ideas and Resources

Here at Exemplars, we’re constantly asking the question, “What more can we do for teachers?”

In this unique year, we’re all facing new challenges head-on. So much has changed but the importance of exposing students to rich problem-solving opportunities has not. Because of this, we want to make it easier for teachers to engage students in rich discourse, collaborative problem solving, and the creation of mathematical representations without causing added stress or lesson planning challenges. 

In the "Tools for Success" section of the Exemplars Library, all product users now have access to a folder of lesson resources: slide decks, lesson plans, example student responses, and interactive self-assessment tools that you may use in your own in-person or remote lessons

The tutorials below will guide you through the resources so that you can choose the lesson structure that works best for you and your students. 

  • Exemplars Classroom Setup: Essential Materials

Watch this video for ideas about how to structure your lessons and what materials should be available to students at all times.

  • Exemplars Lesson Structure: Problem of the Week

Watch this video for instructions on using the Problem of the Week structure in a remote setting.

  • Exemplars Lesson Structure: Inquiry Based

Watch this video for instructions on using the 5 Es of Inquiry to lead your Exemplars lessons.

  • Moving from Answers to Solutions

Watch this video for tips and activities you can use to help your students understand the expectations of the Exemplars rubric and support them in crafting complete solutions.