Student Communication in Science

Communication Elements from the Exemplars Rubric

Below are the relevant communication performance standards from the Exemplars Standards-Based Science Rubric at the Practitioner Level.

  • Scientific Communications/Using Data
    • A clear explanation was presented
    • Effectively used scientific representations and notations
  • Scientific Concepts and Related Content
    • Appropriately used scientific terminology
    • Provided evidence of understanding to relevant scientific concepts, principles or theories (big ideas)
    • Evidence of understanding observable characteristics and properties of objects, organisms and/or materials used

Using a Separate Communication Rubric

Incorporating a separate communication rubric with an assignment is another strategy to help students become better communicators. Tracy Lavallee, notes in her article "Communicating in Science," that she uses both the Exemplars science rubric, with its communication criteria and her district's writing rubric to assess an assignment. This allows students to focus on both science and writing skills.

National Communication Standards

The authors of the national science standards recognize the importance of communication and have included it as a standard to be met. Exemplars has also included these relevant communication standards in our science rubrics.