Level 1

The ABCs of Performance-Based Assessment and Instruction

Our Level 1 Training for science is the most common session for those just getting started with Exemplars performance material.

Broad Agenda

  • Define the vocabulary of science inquiry, standards and assessment
  • Gain an understanding of the Exemplars science assessment rubric
  • Assess student work using the Exemplars science rubric
  • Link assessment results to standards and instruction to improve student performance
  • Investigate inquiry strategies
  • Differentiate problems to provide appropriate opportunities for all students
  • Identify student strengths, weaknesses, and scientific understanding and provide appropriate feedback to students, parents, and administrators
  • Use Exemplars rubrics to promote peer- and self-assessment


I gained a greater understanding of NGSS and what the students are truly expected to do and what it 'looks like.' I also love the rubric!!!

Lorraine Dingle, Teacher

Your work is fantastic! We are looking for a way to monitor the growth of a student as a scientist from grade to grade. Your rubrics will help us to begin this important work.

P. Bator, Elementary Science Curriculum Specialist