Level 1

Performance-Based Assessment and Instruction for the Math TEKS: Problem Solving, Rubrics, and Anchor Papers

Through the lens of problem solving, this introductory session will provide participants with methods to support and guide mathematics assessment and instruction for the Math TEKS. At this workshop, individuals will learn how to identify what constitutes a good problem and a good problem solver, to assess student work with proficiency using the Exemplars math rubric and to use assessment results to guide instruction and improve student performance.

Broad Agenda

  • Explore the essentials of performance-based assessment and instruction to support the TEKS for Mathematical Process Standards and Content
  • Discuss appropriate instructional shifts and tools to effectively implement the Math TEKS including the importance of teaching a focused mathematics curriculum organized into rich units of study
  • Use Exemplars rubrics and anchor papers to assess student work
  • Use performance tasks to enrich learning opportunities and supplement district-adopted math programs
  • Introduce instructional techniques that promote the TEKS Standards for Mathematical Process, students' higher-order thinking skills and mathematical communication
  • Make the link from assessment to instruction to improve teaching and learning
  • Define the language of assessment, mathematics, problem solving, Depth of Knowledge, Universal Design as well as types of portfolios
  • Understand the fundamentals of problem solving and strategies for implementation
  • Use differentiated problems to personalize instruction to meet individual student's needs
  • Help students become proficient in self-assessment


I love Exemplars. In fact, it is all I want to do with the kids. I am amazed at the thought processes it evokes from the children. Exemplars gives a perfect view into the child's thinking and their minds. Exemplars tasks also give the child who has difficulty grasping math concepts the opportunity to explore, and apply techniques and thoughts to the mathematical process.


LOVE this one – Wish I had this a long time ago! Fabulous presentation – real food for thought on teaching more authentically.

J. Gonzales, Teacher