Level 1

The ABCs of Performance-Based Assessment and Instruction

Our Level 1 Training for mathematics is the most common session for those just getting started with Exemplars performance material.

Broad Agenda

  • Define the vocabulary of problem solving, standards and assessment
  • Gain an understanding of the Exemplars math assessment rubric
  • Assess student work using the Exemplars rubric
  • Link assessment results to standards and instruction to improve student performance
  • Investigate problem-solving strategies
  • Differentiate problems to provide appropriate opportunities for all students
  • Identify student strengths, weaknesses, and mathematical understanding and provide appropriate feedback to students, parents, and administrators
  • Use Exemplars rubrics to promote peer- and self-assessment


With the increasing rigorous demand of high-stakes testing, Exemplars is a "must have" component to any mathematics program. I have been in education for over 18 years and have seen programs come and go. Exemplars is one of the few initiatives that has proved effective time and time again!

T. Krejcarek, Asst. Principal

Great workshop! Chock full of information that is useful and pertinent to assisting all of my students in reaching and exceeding NYS standards of rigor and academic excellence.

D. Morello, Teacher