Level 4

Integrating Content, Performance Tasks, and Assessment in the Classroom to Support the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Content and Practice

This mathematics workshop is designed for participants who have a stronger understanding of performance-based assessment and instruction and the Exemplars assessment rubric. Typically, participants will have completed training sessions for Levels 1–3. The focus shifts from the classroom level to the school/district level to assure success.

Broad Agenda

  • Assess students' work to identify school/district benchmarks
  • Create and modify existing problem solving performance tasks, including Preliminary Planning Sheets, for working/assessment portfolios
  • Analyze, interpret and use assessment data to improve teaching and learning
  • Discuss meaningful feedback for students aimed at improving mathematical performance
  • Develop assessment resources at the grade, school and/or district level
  • Use results from multiple performance assessments to improve performance at the school/district level
  • Address individual/classroom/grade-level/school/district assessment needs
  • Develop/Select formative and summative assessments at the school/district level
  • Embed performance tasks into core curriculum to support CCSSM


I was extremely pleased with the workshop content and the delivery method used.

D. Coffey, Instructional Coach

The presenter was very engaging! Able to answer questions and give examples. She was funny, friendly, and overall great!

D. Ford, Special Education Teacher