Level 2

Performance-Based Classroom Modeling: Problem Solving and Formative Assessment for the Common Core

The Classroom Modeling session demonstrates the problem-solving, assessment, and communication process across all levels to support the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Content and Mathematical Practice.

Broad Agenda

  • A working portfolio lesson that addresses the request of the classroom teacher(s). The lesson may focus on a particular mathematical content area, standard, strategy, multi-step problem, and/or using mathematical language
  • Questioning students about their thinking in order to generate mathematical connections, communication, and reasoning, both verbally and in writing
  • Demonstrating differentiated instruction
  • Introducing instructional techniques that promote students' understanding and use of the Mathematical Practices as well as students' higher-order thinking, reasoning, and communication skills
  • Building student confidence and interest in mathematical problem solving and communication
  • Utilizing Exemplars performance tasks to introduce mathematical content, representations, language, and connections, and to encourage mathematical discussion


Exemplars helps bridge the gap between standards on a page and students and teachers in the classroom.

Dale Vigil, Superintendent

Using the information Deb [the presenter] taught us and the rubric, we set about scoring problems. The more we did, the more we wanted to do! Who would have thought that sitting for two days in a windowless room could be so wonderful. The time flew!

B. Renoux, Multiage Teacher