Numbers Are Primary: Teaching Number Sense and Place Value to Young Children

Important research recently identified improved ways of teaching number sense and place value to young children. Exemplars early numbers "Make and Take" workshop, for grades K–2, is designed to help teachers understand these new findings and how they relate to addition and subtraction. Workshop participants will learn firsthand how to implement new approaches in the classroom and leave feeling confident and eager to engage students with innovative learning techniques.

Broad Agenda

  • Explore the conservation of numbers, subitization, part/whole relationships, compensation, counting on and counting back
  • Use the concept of ten
  • Help your students understand the power of number sense
  • Support students' abilities to:
    • Apply the properties of place value in mathematical thinking
    • Compose and decompose numbers to support fluency
    • Complete basic addition and subtraction calculation problems as well as those requiring regrouping without using counting on fingers as a main strategy
  • Engage in hands-on activities, manipulatives, and applicable math games
  • Create resources to use with students
  • Practice techniques learned


I am determined to improve in math. The years I used Exemplars with fidelity my scores jumped tremendously; teachers actually assessed and enjoyed the art of teaching and students were always self assessing.

Nyree Dixon, Principal

Hands down the most informative, practical and simply fun professional development session I have attended these past five years!

M. Leopoldi, Special Educator