Developing Leadership Capacity for the Math TEKS

This workshop is designed to give math teams, coaches, and mentors the tools they need to support their colleagues in implementing performance-based assessment and instruction to support the TEKS for Mathematical Processes and Mathematical Content effectively in their schools.

Broad Agenda

  • Learn what to look for in a performance-based mathematics classroom
  • Review Exemplars Standards-Based Math Rubric
  • Assess student work to build reliability and validity with Exemplars assessment rubric
  • Assess student work at the individual/class/campus/district level to determine:
    • What we know our students know;
    • How well our students are performing;
    • Why our students are performing this way;
    • What our students need to relearn, practice;
    • What we learn about our teaching;
    • What our next steps are for these students.

  • Discuss possible actions for supporting peers
  • Use samples of student work to share strategies (questioning, connections, representation, mathematical language, etc.) necessary to raise students to the Practitioner level (meeting the standard) and beyond
  • Begin/Develop an assessment system that supports the Math TEKS
  • Select performance tasks for working portfolios
  • Select performance tasks for assessment portfolios
  • Select grade-level/school/district anchor papers
  • Discuss calibration/scoring sessions


I love Exemplars. In fact, it is all I want to do with the kids. I am amazed at the thought processes it evokes from the children. Exemplars gives a perfect view into the child's thinking and their minds. Exemplars tasks also give the child who has difficulty grasping math concepts the opportunity to explore, and apply techniques and thoughts to the mathematical process.


Deb [the presenter] was so interesting, inspiring and encouraging‚ she helped me feel as though I could truly do this in my classroom. My students will really benefit from this approach to learning.

K. Dietz, Kindergarten Teacher

I was extremely pleased with the workshop content and the delivery method used.

D. Coffey, Instructional Coach