The Performance-Based Classroom: What to Look For and How to Support Your Teachers

This workshop provides an opportunity for leaders and administrators to understand the basics of standards-based assessment and instruction and problem solving in their schools' classrooms and to support teachers with the process.

Broad Agenda

  • Discuss what to look for in a performance-based classroom and how to question students about their mathematical problem solving and communication
  • Discuss ways to move mathematical problem solving and communication forward as a whole staff
  • Define the vocabulary of mathematical problem solving, assessment, and communication
  • Define the types of assessment that an educator incorporates in her/his teaching
  • Study and apply the Exemplars Standards-Based Math Rubric
  • Link performance tasks and the Exemplars assessment rubric to Common Core grade-level expectations (depth of knowledge, state release items, etc.)
  • Support and engage teachers in discussion around the Common Core Mathematical Practices. Address questions and concerns.


I moved to Yokota Air Force Base in Japan and taught at Yokota West Elementary School. Our school principal purchased Math and Science Exemplars and I used them with kindergarten - 4th grades. I am now in Laurel Bay and would like to use Math and Science Exemplars again. I am hooked and cannot imagine teaching without my Exemplars! Thanks so much!

C. Sinclair, Teacher

Embedding Common Core aligned Exemplars tasks into our units of study has strengthened teachers understanding of the Common Core Learning Standards while improving student performance. Significant growth in student achievement has taken place across the grades in the Mathematical Practices ... even our youngest students do the work of real mathematicians to represent and solve authentic real-world problems.

T. Appel Peterson, CFN 612