Virtual Administrator Coaching

Customized Sessions

After participating in Exemplars introductory professional development sessions (remote or in-person), virtual coaching for administrators may be purchased in two or more hour blocks and used throughout the school year. This remote form of coaching is offered through the Zoom conference platform, email, or over the phone and may be used by school/district administrators interested in honing their skills in a specific area pertaining to the Exemplars program.

Administrators determine the topics and agenda for coaching by bringing their questions to the Exemplars consultant for discussion and assistance. Possible topics could include: how to successfully launch Exemplars problem-solving performance tasks with teachers and students; how to embed Exemplars tasks in your curriculum; how to provide meaningful feedback for teachers; what to look for in a performance-based math classroom and more! These meetings are designed for Exemplars consultants to share their expertise.

Each virtual coaching session is uniquely customized based on a school's or district’s goals. Sessions may accommodate between 1-5 participants.