Bookmarks: Narratives

This package offers the introductory guide Writing is Elementary: Teaching Young Children to Write alongside the module Bookmarks: Narratives.

Writing is Elementary: Teaching Young Children to Write serves as an introduction and a guide to this module. It focuses on the four basic qualities of writing:

  • Purpose
  • Organization
  • Voice
  • Detail

After explaining these fundamental building blocks, classroom-tested lessons are provided to teach each specific quality. These lessons can be easily differentiated for various developmental levels. Whole-class instruction, guided work, and individual responses are included.

Building on the skills learned in the guide, Bookmarks: Narratives is a step-by-step resource that focuses on creating characters, setting, and plot. Through direct instruction and guided writing, it teaches students the qualities of a narrative in three developmental levels.

Level One Qualities of Writing

  • Character
  • What the character wants
  • Problem
  • Idea to solve the problem
  • Resolution/Conclusion

Children are natural storytellers. Storytelling is an important literacy activity that increases a child's ability to communicate. Bookmarks: Narratives strengthens students' imaginations and teaches them the art of communication.

Material includes:

  • 40 classroom-tested lessons
  • Scaffolding of instruction: whole-class modeling, guided practice, and independent writing.
  • Scoring rubrics
  • Annotated student anchor papers
  • A bibliography of recommended books
Bookmarks: Narratives

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