Best of Math Exemplars 3, K–8

This material was created to complement the first two Best of Math products. It contains 100 unique performance tasks to enrich assessment and instruction. More accessible and more challenging versions of each task are provided to help teachers meet varying developmental levels within their classrooms. Browser-based software is provided on a flash drive sent to the school or district.

  • 100 unique problem-solving tasks for assessment, instruction, and staff development
  • A differentiated, more accessible and more challenging version for each problem
  • Standards-based, scoring rubrics and anchor papers
  • Alignments to NCTM, CCSSM, state, STEM, and provincial standards as well as Everyday MathConnected MathImpact Math, and Investigations
  • Teaching notes to guide assessment and instruction
  • Tasks designated and grouped by K–2, 3–5, and 6–8 grade spans
  • Search capability by math concepts and skills, NCTM standards, interdisciplinary links, and technology
  • A complimentary Getting Started Guide for teachers
  • A user-friendly browser-based platform for MACs and PCs (not recommended for use on Chromebooks)
  • The ability to be networked within your district or shared within a school


Differentiated Best of math 3

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