New! Rich Math Tasks for the Middle Level

Exemplars problem-solving performance tasks are now available for grades 6 through 8! That means thoughtful educators like you can better equip your middle school students with the skills they’ll need as they prepare for the challenges of high school and beyond. Try a middle school task to engage your students today! >>


My 6th-grade students shared their strategies after working on an Exemplars task today. It was amazing to see the different strategies that I would never even think of doing! Their discussions were so rich and made my teacher heart so happy. Exemplars really helps boost student confidence levels as well! So awesome!

L. Simmons

6th Grade Teacher


Explore one of our K–8 online subscription options:

Problem-solving for the 21st Century: Built for the Common Core

An extensive library of math performance tasks and assessment tools built to align with the Common Core standards. 700+ problem-solving tasks are organized by domain and standard. An interactive scoring tutorial is included to help teachers hone assessment skills.

Problem Solving for the 21st Century: Built fot eh NYS NextGen Standards

Expressly created for New York classrooms to align with NYS Next Generation Learning Standards and build proficiency in problem-solving math skills. This collection includes 700+ performance tasks and assessment tools for teachers and students.

Exemplars Middle School in Action:

"Over time, students really buy in—because it's fun!" An eighth-grade teacher shares how her students benefit from using Exemplars tasks, why she loves them, her experience introducing them to her middle schoolers for the first time (during COVID!) and more.

Hear what eighth-grade students had to say about Exemplars tasks, including what they genuinely enjoy about them and how they have personally benefited from having the tasks in their math class. Watch now!