Your Guide to Using ESSER Funds to Buy Exemplars

The almost 200 billion dollars that comprise ESSER I, II, and III represent the single largest federal investment in K–12 education. Make sure you get the most out of every dollar with Exemplars!

Esser FundingExemplars Solutions
ESSER Funds are distributed based on Title I percentagesExemplars differentiated problem-solving tasks are effective supplements for use in Title I programs and the traditional classroom as well as for intervention and after-school tutoring.
ESSER Funds must be used for evidence-based programsReContext Data Solutions, LLC, an independent, outside research organization, has determined that Exemplars performance material in mathematics is “evidence-based.” Read our research report.
20% of ESSER III Funds must be used to combat learning lossOur 3-year Unfinished Learning Package for math includes ESSA-qualified materials and remote professional development for teachers.
Schools must report on the efficacy of their ESSER Fund expendituresExemplars performance tasks are uniquely designed to improve assessment and instruction while meeting state, national, and Common Core standards. Our ESSA research also shows major student gains in math proficiency and state assessment scores.


Engage Your Students With Rich Performance Tasks for Math

As you evaluate evidence-based, high-quality supplemental curriculum to deepen students' learning, what is important to you?
  • Authentic performance tasks that help educators teach and assess problem-solving and the application of math skills.
  • Differentiated problems that let teachers meet learners where they are.
  • Multiple solution types allow students to solidify conceptual understanding.
  • Assessment rubrics provide teachers with clear guidelines for evaluating their students’ understanding and providing meaningful feedback.
  • Student rubrics and anchor papers that demonstrate what work meets (and doesn’t meet) the standard and explain why.
  • An evidence-based program with research that shows major student gains in math proficiency.
  • Material that engages students and helps them become capable, confident problem solvers.
  • Development of critical thinking, reasoning, and communication skills students need to master 21st century challenges.
  • Alignments to state, national, and Common Core standards.

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