Self-Paced, Online Course Bundle

Getting Started with Exemplars: Plan, Teach, Assess

Upon completion, participants will earn certificates totaling 6 CE hours

Getting Started With Exemplars: Plan - In this introductory online course, participants are introduced to the foundational Exemplars resources (Tasks, Rubrics, Problem-Solving Process) and will be able to confidently navigate and use the tools in the Exemplars Library.​​

Lessons Include: 

  1. Course Introduction
  2. What is Problem Solving?
  3. Getting Started with Exemplars
  4. Exemplars Foundational Resources: Tasks
  5. Exemplars Foundational Resources: Rubric and Process
  6. Planning Your First Lesson

Getting Started with Exemplars: Teach - Participants are introduced to the Exemplars lesson structure. Upon completion, they will be able to successfully lead students through an Exemplars task, guiding them to craft complete solutions, not just provide answers.

Lessons Include: 

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Establishing a Problem-Solving Culture
  3. Launching and Exemplars Lesson
  4. Finding an Answer
  5. Creating Solutions
  6. Mathematical Connections
  7. Putting it All Together

Getting Started with Exemplars: Assess - Participants learn about the Exemplars Assessment Rubric and practice scoring student work with accuracy and fidelity.

Lessons Include: 

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Understanding the Exemplars Rubric
  3. Using the Exemplars Rubric
  4. Teaching the Exemplars Rubric
  5. Assessment to Guide Instruction
  6. Next Steps



This course provides the scaffolding needed to begin implementing Exemplars lessons in the classroom. The steps are broken down into easily digestible parts and allow you to take the time you AND your students need to build a problem-solving culture in the classroom. The resources provided support you in your efforts and guide you along the way.

Katie C., Teacher, IN

The course offers an excellent process that teaches teachers how to guide their students to not only think critically but explain their thinking using words and math strategies.

Teacher, TX

This course has helped me build my pedagogy around teaching not just math but ELA and science as well.

S. Burns, Teacher, NY