Planning for Services

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop for your school or district, Exemplars will work with you to meet your specific needs through a series of planning steps.

1. Information Gathering

Preliminary workshop needs will be determined through a discussion with Exemplars professional development coordinator. Areas to be discussed include: content area, grade range, group size, duration and broad agenda. Based on this information, Exemplars will select an instructor that is best suited for the specific needs of your school/district. Facilitators work with 40 participants per full-day session.

2. Scheduling a Workshop

Once the workshop type has been chosen, a date will be selected. Exemplars asks that the contracting organization provide a series of preferred date(s). Workshops may be scheduled at any time, but dates fill up quickly during the school year. In order to better accommodate requests, we recommend at least eight weeks prior notification.

3. Contracting with Exemplars

Once the above items have been determined and confirmed, Exemplars will send you a contract for services that outlines our policies and costs. Costs include a consulting fee and travel expenses.

To learn more about Exemplars professional development, contact us by email or by phone at 800-450-4050.