Professional Development Packages

Design a professional development plan that will provide district-wide support of standards-based assessment and instruction. Through a series of workshops, geared for audiences at all leadership levels, districts can achieve system-wide success through shared vision and common goals.

  • Provide professional development for all grade levels during the school year
  • Provide professional development for teachers, curriculum coordinators and administrators–
    implement a system-wide effort to improve student performance
  • Provide professional development to create assessments and benchmarks aligned to state and district standards, curriculum programs, and determine how to look at the data collected


Sample School-Year Packages for Teachers,
Leaders and Administrators


Two Days: Training for Teachers

Apprentice-Level Training: ABCs of Standards-Based Assessment and Instruction


Two Days: Grade-Level Modeling

Classroom Modeling in the Standards-Based Classroom


Two Days: Follow-Up Training for Teachers

Practitioner-Level Training: Assessing Student Performance and Using Results to Improve Performance


Two Days: Training for Math Coaches and Mentors

Developing Leadership Capacity


One Day: Training for School Leaders and Administrators

Supporting your teachers and staff with standards-based performance assessment and instruction


Two Days: Next Step Training

Developing an Action Plan—Where are we going?