Improve Learning Outcomes Through the Math Practices, Rubrics, and Self-Assessment

students working together
Presenter: Jay Meadows, CEO & Jessica Keegan
Cost: Free
Location: Remote Webinar

Join Jessica Keegan, Elementary Director of Teaching and Learning at Oceanside School District (NY), for an in-depth look at how her students are making incredible strides in math through the use of rich performance tasks. Rather than having students double down on facts and figures, teachers at Oceanside are using performance-based instruction and assessment to develop confident and empowered mindsets. Along the way, their students are building math tool kits that contain problem-solving strategies, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Think this is too much for elementary students? No way! Teachers are giving students the skills they need to think deeply about math, devise strategies, assess their own work, and communicate their solution approach. And it’s really working. This edWebinar will feature the specific tools that teachers can use to achieve the same results. We’ll look at rubrics, problem-solving procedures, and strategies for self- and peer-assessment that are helping Oceanside teachers make lasting impacts in math.

By the end of the session, educators will understand:

  • How the Mathematical Practices improve long-term learning outcomes
  • How a consistent rubric for your performance tasks can drive teacher and student focus beyond calculations in the math classroom
  • How students can utilize self- and peer-assessment to improve their quality of work

Attendees will receive sample tasks that elicit the Mathematical Practices and resources to incorporate in teaching practices, including problem-solving procedures, assessment rubrics, student rubrics, problem-solving resources, and more!

This edWebinar will be of interest to teachers and school and district leaders of the kindergarten through middle school levels. There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.

The recording will be posted on this page after the live session. Closed captioning will be added to the recording within 2 weeks of the live presentation. Get a CE Certificate for this edWebinar.

About the Presenters

Jay Portrait

Jay Meadows serves as Exemplars’ Chief Education Officer and Chief Executive Officer. He is a former middle school math and science teacher and has been working in education for more than two decades. Jay holds a Master of Arts in teaching from the University of Vermont.

In addition to his dual role as CEO, Jay is one of Exemplars’ primary performance task writers and professional development consultants for the middle level. Leading sessions throughout the United States, he works with teachers to integrate performance tasks into their curricula. Through Exemplars, Jay dreams of teaching a generation of kids to become effective problem solvers. Prior to his career in education, Jay coordinated delegations from the former Soviet Union through U.S. State Department grants. He has also worked alongside a number of international non-profits and is a former Peace Corps volunteer.


Jessica Portrait


Jessica Keegan is the director of elementary teaching and learning in the Oceanside School District (NY). Prior to this, Jessica was a teacher of elementary children in grades 1-5 for 15 years and was a National Board Certified Teacher.


About the Moderator

Jim Portrait


Jim McVety is Managing Partner of First Step Advisors. A lifelong advocate for innovation in education, Jim brings with him 20+ years of research and analysis experience. Jim has hosted numerous webinars, expert panels, and keynote presentations during his career, and his focus is on building the capacity of service organizations to better support educators and students.