Wyoming Testimonials

  • When teachers use Exemplars they know who needs more modeling and which children are able to become more independent. It is always used as a process to move the children to the next level.

    I feel that Exemplars has enabled our students to score well on our state and local mathematics assessments, not only in problem solving, but in all areas of mathematics. SCSD2's math scores are among the highest in the state, and I feel our K-5 mathematics curriculums (Everyday Mathematics and Exemplars) and the quality of our teachers' instruction are responsible for those scores.

    I find that the kids really enjoy the use of Exemplars. It is a change of pace and the opportunity to think out of the box. Another great feature is the opportunity Exemplars offers for kids to learn from other kids!

    From my own experience, I found that Exemplars has also had a positive impact on the Social Studies and Science curriculum.

    Bob Simpson, K-5 Math Coordinator, WY