Wisconsin Testimonials

  • Exemplars is a wonderful tool for differentiating mathematics and reaching the needs of a variety of students Pre K-12. At Glacier Edge Elementary, we enjoy using the software to challenge students in grades K-5. One of the best features is that there are three levels of accessibility for each problem, so more children are able to solve just right math problems, extending a particular strand in mathematics. The PDF files are easy to print and show additional features that our staff appreciate: the amount of time and materials needed, scoring rubrics and solutions, specific concepts/skills per problem, standards met, and teaching tips for staff and/or parent volunteers.

    The catchy titles are irresistible. "Domino Dilemma" is just one example that will really catch kids' attention! One of the best programs available to really stretch talented students, is Exemplars!

    Ann Hoffmeister, Learning Resource Coordinator, WI