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To become an Exemplars Ambassador, you will take part in our online training program and join a community of forward-thinking math educators. The course is designed to build your knowledge base of Exemplars and empower your journey to elevate math proficiency at your school.

Expectations for the Ambassador Term:

  • Complete the online course and receive a badge upon completion. (required).
  • Contribute a blog post about your use of Exemplars or classroom observations. (required)

Our team may ask for additional participation such as:

  • Become an Exemplars leader in your school by inviting colleagues into your classroom to see a problem-solving performance task in action.
  • Elevate thought leadership by presenting or taking part in virtual conferences and in-person events.
  • Participate in a webinar.
  • Participate in a case study.
  • Make an introduction to your district Mathematics Director.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Free grade-level access to the Exemplars Library for the duration of the ambassador term.
  • Free virtual coaching in a cohort model.
  • Consideration as a future professional development consultant.
  • Access to Private Facebook Group with Exemplars consultants and super users.
  • Ability to participate/submit ideas for company next steps.
  • Advance preview of new tasks or features.

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